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"Before you work on anything else in life, work on yourself." Jim Rohn

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“I will........” power is my way of understanding and applying what we generally call ‘will power’. The only problem with will power is that it is rather vague, non-specific and is more of a feeling than a definite decision to do something!

Try this, think “I will clean the car later today”! Think it five times. By thinking “I will” you have made a promise to yourself, programmed your mind to actually do something. It’s now a decision and you are therefore many times more likely to do what you need to do.

So put “I will     before each of the following statements and watch how your productivity improves. I have done the first one for you so that you really understand what I am asking you to do! Don’t try to do them all at once of course. Choose on a day for the next ten days, then repeat the process.

                              "I will........

1. Do something I am really passionate about today.This might not seem like the normal productivity tip, but give it a thought: if you really want to do something, you’ll work like hell to get it done. You’ll work extra hard, you’ll put in even more hours, and you’re less likely to procrastinate. It’s  work that you don’t really care about that you can afford to procrastinateover

2. Work off line as often as I can.To increase your productivity, log off the Internet. Fix other times when you’re going to check your email, and only let yourself check your blogs or surf the web. When you’ve completed a certain amount of off line time and  you do go online, use a timer. When the timer goes off, unplug again until the next scheduled time.You’ll be amazed at how much work you’ll get done.

3. Do the difficult tasks first.You know what those tasks are. What have you been putting off ? What do you really need to do? Sometimes when you put things off, they end up as ‘things I don’t really need to do’. Very often though, they really are things you just have to do. They are the tough tasks. Do them at the beginning of your working day.


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 4. Avoid doing unnecessary tasks. If we just do any work that comes our way, we can be cranking out the tasks, but not be productive. You’re only productive if you are doing work that moves you towards a goal. Remove non-essential tasks from your to-do lists, and start to say no to new requests that are not-essential.

When you don’t take these steps and don’t say no, then you will be overloaded with work that you simply do not need to do. Cut out the non-essential tasks, and focus on those that really matter.

5. Avoid meetings and when I do meet, make the time effective. It is best to say no to meetings up front. Simply say, “Sorry, I can’t make it. I’m tied up with a project right now.” And (That’s should always true. You should always have projects that you’re working on that are more important than a meeting.

If you are working from home than you probably won’t have any formal meeting so just apply the same method to demands from the family, friends, etc. You won’t be able to get out of all ‘meetings’ of course but keep them to a minimum.

6. Start work earlier and work fewer hours. You best days will always be when you start work early and begin you working day in the quiet morning hours. Before the phone starts ringing and the din of the house begins. It is so peaceful and you will be able to work without interruption or losing focus. Try to get your MIT’S (Most Important Things) done before everyone else wakes up, and then use the rest of the day for dealing with whatever comes up. Planning for the next day is also extremely effective.Working fewer hours is very productive. When you work fewer hours you know that your time is limited, and you will be more focused. You will then also have more time for family or yourself! Everyone wins.

7. Declutter my work space and focus on one task at a time. This is simple, remove all extra distractions, on your desk and on your computer. If you’ve got a clean, simplified workspace, you can better focus on the task at hand. Minimize distractions focus on the task at hand. Don’t check your Email, don’t work on five things at once, don’t check the posts on your blog, don’t access your mobile messages. Work on one task, and work on it with concentrated focus until you are done. Then celebrate your achievement!

8. Simplify my information streams. Review all the information you receive (Email, blogs, newsletters, mailing lists, magazines, newspapers and more) and edit brutally. You will drastically reduce the time you spend reading. Work through it all, really reading only the possible interesting ones. By doing this process, you should be left with less to read. Editing and drastically ‘binning’ the information you receive can free up a lot of time for more important things — like achieving your goals.

9. Get up earlier in future and plan what I want to achieve each day. Decide what you’d like to accomplish each morning, and build your morning routine around that. Like to write? Put that in there. Check email? Great! Mornings are should be a fresh start, be peaceful, be free of ringing phones and constant outside distractions. If you get your most important things done first the rest of the day will seem like a doddle.

10. Do the most important things first. This means that your most important things for the day — the things you most need to accomplish that day — should take priority over everything else. However, we all know that throughout the day, interruptions through phone calls and email and people dropping by, new demands that will push the best-laid plans aside. If you do put off your MITs . (See item 6 above) until later in the day, you will end up very often not doing them. Try to get all of your MITs done before moving on to anything else. If you can do that, the rest of the day will be plain sailing and less stressful!

Did you know? A 'jiffy' is actually 1/100th of a second.

The thoughts above were focussed with respect to  the  'working - at - home'  environment. They are equally effective and necessary if you actually have to go to work in an office, factory, farm, garage etc. 

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