"Before you work on anything else in life, work on yourself". Jim Rohn.

"A man is the product of his thoughts. What he thinks he becomes". Mahatma Gandhi. (I'm certain that he also intended this statement to apply to women).




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Read all of this post because the few minutes you spend will make you a stronger, more capable and better informed person! 

The buck stops where?

You are responsible for generating what you experience as your daily reality. This is on a minute by minute, hourly, daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis. This is one of the principles that I learned many years ago. I have written about this topic before in my posts but today believe that I have to remind my readers, yes all of you, that you, and only you, are responsible for your thoughts, decisions, actions and what happens in your life. See earlier posts for a fuller, better understanding of what thoughtistry is all about. Click on, Archives February 2013 post, "The Twelve Most Important words you will ever need to become Self-Empowered". Archive links on the right! 

What you think and what you do, determine what becomes of you!

Until about ten years ago I firmly believed that, your/my thoughts do not define us and we shouldn’t worry too much about them'. With experience, hindsight and mental maturity I now know that for most of my life I misunderstood or misinterpreted the concept that ‘your thoughts do not define you, are not important’. About four years ago I started thinking differently about thinking. I had a eureka moment when I accepted that you/me/others are all responsible for your thoughts. It wasn’t too big a leap from this to I realised that through your thoughts you carry out actions. The actions you actually do ‘do’ effect every part of your life. With this information and knowing how to use it effectively, you/me/anybody can create/choose/alter/design your world and what you decide to create in it.

Live, learn and help others to learn.

Something that I have already observed during my life is this. When you teach others, you also learn to better understand what it is you are explaining. So, by explaining to you the principle that is the focus of this post, I am learning by teaching it to you. Every post I write clarifies my attitude to, capability in and understanding of the world of thoughtistry. I am becoming a better thoughtist.

The bottom line.

You are responsible for generating improvement in your experience of reality. What does this all come down to? This, you don’t have to be just an observer of or victim in your life, you can develop the abilities needed to become the CREATOR of your life. There are only two main ones your thoughts and your actions. All your thoughts, decisions and actions define your own reality, your life, what you experience every day. The acceptance of this can be quite threatening because the honest answer is that, you have to be in charge of everything. However if you accept this responsibility it will be very empowering for any part of your life. When you accept and apply the knowledge that you are the creator of your own reality, this means you can shape it however you want.

Did you know? Einstein slept 10 hours a night.  

We all have a choice. Time for you to choose!

You can disagree with what I have written or flatly refuse to believe it! That does not make it untrue! Give the information a ‘thinking chance’. Everything you have done in your past has shaped the life you experience today. What you think, decide and do, today is shaping your future life experiences. If today you think, and decide, that tomorrow you will tell your boss to get knotted and you do it. That thinking-decision you made today, and act on tomorrow, will determine/effect your future. Every thought action and decision you make every day from now on will determine what will happen in your life in the future. This will bit by bit, thought by thought, action by action determine where you will end up in life. It may be as a Company Director or a homeless and broke, and all shades in between. However you end up it was all caused by YOU. No don’t blame anyone else it is/was your responsibility to use your powers of thought and action properly, beneficially and  constructively.


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The simple, two-step and self-empowering system (the parts in red) for taking control of your life is :


Every ten minutes, every day, for the next month, remind yourself about this process. Use, for your benefit, the power that you and every person on this planet has at their disposal. Your thoughts and your actions. Unfortunately very few people know of it, undertand or choose to use this process to create a life they desire. That’s why I am so determined to get this message out to the world.

Don’t take your 'ability to think' for granted. Learn from my experience and posts how to take it to a higher level. You actions and your life will follow, in direct response to, your thinking. It won’t happen overnight. That’s the truth but if you don’t take note of this and my other posts  life will never ever happen the way you want it to!

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You could also go to my other website, click on this link, either here or in my posts. This site will allow you to find out more about me, my research and my insight into the world that very few people ever learn about, understand, and then actually know how to use in order to make their life better. The process is called SELF-EMPOWERMENT.

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Always working to help others to think better and become more than they currently are.

My objective is: “Changing people one thought at a time, changing the world one person at a time”.

Always working to help others to think better and become ‘more than they currently are’.

Beneficially yours, always,

Phil Soffé

P.S. A reminder that my book 'MIND MATTERS' will start you on the self-empowering journey of understanding how, what we think and do determines the life we all experience.

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