Before you work on anything else in life, work on yourself. Jim Rohn (Probably the most influential life and business mentor in America)

What you think and what you DO,

Determines what becomes of You. Me  

Hello and welcome,

Read all of this post, the few minutes you spend will make you a stronger, more capable, better informed person and because it will work wonders for your life!

In the first part of  this message, the previous post. I did my best to introduce you to my detailed knowledge, understanding  and expertise on a particular process. A process that all successful people have used, and will continue to use, to become what they become. Successful people!

As with all products at our disposal there is, 1). A price to be paid to obtain them and  2). Until we buy the product we won't know for certain whether it resolves our need or problem or not.

I am confident that people who buy  my product. A book entitled "Thoughts Matter" (More than you think)! will be convinced that they have mad a good buying decision. You can preview the book and other useful information here www.think-do-have.com The book doesn't cost any more than the price of a meal for two in a reasonable restaurant and, unlike the meal, you can ask for a refund if you don't think that the book is is for you.

I mentioned in my last post the words SELF-EMPOWERMENT as my preferred term to explain the process of each of us becoming better with time.

This is because most of the other approaches to self - improvement, (I hate writing those words), involve the use of powers outside of ourselves to make the process work.

The information in my book  focuses entirely on the improvement and application of abilities we all have at our disposal inside ourselves. We are each born with these abilities and can improve and develop them to a high level That is where my, your, our power lies, inside us!

I promise you that no school, college, or university on earth has a course in understanding, developing and using these abilities. Not in the way that makes them useful in the real world.

All education establishments worldwide simply pass on knowledge in particular 'subject areas'. Great job, I am a product of that system. However I have realised since leaving university that there is a body of understanding that was never even shown to me, let alone developed, during my time in formal education.

Did you know? There are 1,929,770,126,028,800 different color combinations possible on a Rubik's Cube.

My approach to anyone becoming more capable as a person is  SELF-EMPOWERMENT. This does not involve, airy -fairy, hocus- pocus, wishing, hoping,  smoke and mirrors, help from The Universe, The Law of Attraction, visualisation, Psychology, Hypnotherapy, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Psychotherapy, chanting or  sacrifices.

SELF - EMPOWERMENT, is :A sensible, common -sense, development and application of abilities we each possess. Through understanding and improving these abilities, you, or anyone else, can learn to use them at a level that will enable you  take charge of any area of your life.

Through my books you will learn to become your own source of SELF -EMPOWERMENT!

If you can THINK. If you can DO. You can HAVE whatever you want from life!


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 I  only ever  deal in facts. Anything that is  TRUE. Totally. Reliable. Understandable. Evidence. (I made that up yesterday).  I love the challenge of making important words  into statements that make the words make sense! Here's another one, REAL. becomes Reasoned Explainable And Logical.

The fact is that all the 'super' people in  comics (yes I know it's only fiction) like Superman, Batman, Batwoman, The Famour Four, The Hulk, Spider Man, Captain Marvel all used powers  from 'inside themselves' to do what they did. No some, outside, unknown, invisible force, ever came to their aid. Yes they had 'gismos' and 'gadgets'  but these were used to enhance their already impressive internal capabilities.

Yes I have placed a link in all my posts about a book I have written. It's entitled "MIND MATTERS!". I wrote it to help everyone who reads it to discover how to, understand, control and use your mind to your best advantage. You will have to invest $5.00 to begin empowering yourself. If you only ever DO one thing to help yourself get the most you can out of life DO THIS! Click on the 'BUY NOW' button on the right to get the book. It will change your THINKING and your LIFE. Why not do it now?

Thank you for reading this post!

You could also go to my other website, click on this link, www.think-do-have.com either here or in my posts. This site will allow you to find out more about me, my research and my insight into the world that very few people ever learn about, understand, and then actually know how to use in order to make their life better. The process is called SELF-EMPOWERMENT.

I hope that you now think that reading this post has been of benefit to you!

If you think that any of your friends would be interested in the information in my blogs please let them know. I will appreciate your help and they will probably thank you for letting them know about me, my book and my intentions!

Beneficially  yours, always,

Phil Soffé

P.S. A reminder that my book 'MIND MATTERS' will start you on the self-empowering journey of understanding how, what we think and do determines the life we all experience.

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