"A man is the product of his thoughts. What he thinks he becomes". Mahatma Gandhi. (I'm certain that he also intended this statement to apply to women).

What you THINK and what you DO’

Determine what becomes of  YOU . Me.

Hello and welcome,

Read all of this post, the few minutes you spend will make you a stronger, more capable and better informed person. It will work wonders for your life!

The best education you will ever get is the one you choose to give yourself! We all learn better if we are genuinely  interested in what we decide to learn about.

The university of life is at your disposal. You alone have the power select any 'course' on any subject you wish. Only you know what you need to learn to get you to where you want to be.

It isn't necessary to gain a 'degree level of knowledge' in order to become sufficiently well educated in a particular area to become a success in life. You don't need a degree in accountancy, philosphy, geography or any other  subject specific area to do well in life.

Did you know? The first letters of the months July to November spell JASON.

There are hundreds, even thousands, of examples in the world of people who became  successful in business and most other areas of life without having the background of  'high level  intellectual achievement' or degree in anything. Many hugely  successful people from the past and today never even completed their secondary education, never mind a degree.

Presidents, millionaires, company owners and directors , great inventors, instigators of social movements of all kinds are shining examples to all of us that the most important aspect of any success lies in DESIRE.

The foundation of achieving any desire is in  REALLY WANTING TO achieve something. That can only come from you and  your 'inner self', your mind!

Successful  people of all kinds got to where they were by pursuing a personal desire, interest or challenge. Not a course in school  college or university!

Go here to see a list  http://presentoutlook.com/famous-failures/  It includes these people:

Abraham Lincoln. Michael Jordan. John Wayne.  Steven Spielberg. Isaac Newton.  

By having a sincere desire you have the choice to study and learn what you need to learn  that will fuel you aims. You can then choose what you want to learn, do it in your own time and way, knowing that what you learn will aid you in achieving what is important to you.

I believe that the most beneficial thing any of us can learn in order to get to where we want to be is the abiliity to make proper use of your mind and the products of your mind, your thoughts.

 This site will allow you to find out more about me, my research and my insight into the world that very few people ever learn about, understand, and then actually know how to use in order to make their life better. The process is called SELF-EMPOWERMENT.

Decide to 'learn  about' and 'know about' what is important to, your desire, your want, your chosen objective in life.

Filling your mind with next weeks football matches, what's going to be on the television tonight or next week, which celebrity did what and any other  'valueless knowledge,' is what your mind will have to 'think about and act on and none of it will get you to your gola! or even goal!

Rubbish in, rubbish out!!

Thoughts instigate action, or they ought to, and only by acting on thoughts will any person CAUSE  any EFFECT to take place in their life.  If you don't act on any thought it will remain just a thought and will create no effect in your life. This is the universal route to all/any achievement in life.

The power of a thought is only released through ACTION.

                THINK IT. DO IT. (ACTION) HAVE IT. 

                                   CAUSE and EFFECT. 

IT can be anything you desire to HAVE  in your life.

Seeking and achieving succes in life is a game, a MIND GAME!

What you learn about and from, life should be  your  individual/chosen 'course of study' based on you learning about  and doing what will get you to where you want to get to. You can ony think about and do what you know about

To  succeed in any area of life you have to have the the desire within your mind, it must be  part of your every day, constant  most important  thinking. You have to find the 'want' in your mind and pursue it with a passion until you succeed.  That only comes from  THINKING  the right thoughts, THEN acting on them so that eventually you will create and HAVE the thing you desire most.

All success, in whatever we achieve is based on,  interest, dedication, patience, desire, self belief and 'being real', much more than any kind of purely academic ability.

THINK about what you want and THINK about how to achieve it, ACT ON these THOUGHTS and eventually what you will HAVE  what you desire. It will come to be because you will find out, in any way you can, the necessary knowledge required to make it happen.

Always working to help others to think better and become more than they currently are.

Thank you for reading this post!

My objective is: “Changing people one thought at a time, changing the world one person at a time”.

If you want to HAVE, go THINK and DO,

That's my main advice to YOU! (and me)!

Beneficially yours, always,

Phil Soffé

P.S. Reading  and doing my Posts will start you on the self-empowering journey of understanding how, what we think and do determines the life we all experience.


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